careers with talooma

Pursuing a career at Talooma provides both great opportunities to grow as well as learn. The 3 different departments at Talooma, Design, Development and Online Marketing, each contribute towards website creation and Online Marketing.  Clients receive the best advice and expertise possible from each specialty within Talooma providing them with great insight and knowledge. Although Talooma is divided into different departments, we are inspired by one another’s ideas and great thinking. It is for this reason that we brainstorm together, fusing the best of what we have to offer.

Talooma staff have all been hired for their particular skills, but more importantly for their great attitudes and hard work ethics. Our departments are made up of talented people with “the sky is the limit” attitudes. Through working as a team, we are able to combine our creativity to produce quality ideas and work for all our clients. This close knit relationship has created a family bond between all staff members. It’s because of this that we are able to work so well together, sharing ideas, thoughts and many laughs.

If you think that you have the right qualities to join this diverse and talented team, send your CV to