Cotlands launches online Virtual Gift Shop in time for Christmas

Talooma has launched a successful addition to the Cotlands website. Talooma works with clients within various industries and enjoys the challenge of designing websites and tools that exceed the client's expectations, no matter the industry. Every client is equally important to us and we strive to ensure that each one is given the attention and care that they deserve.

On 1 December 2011, Cotlands launched their first online Virtual Gift Shop ( The initiative was researched and planned over a few weeks before the final brief could be delivered to long-time online marketing sponsor, Talooma, for development. This web-based version of purchasing gifts in lieu of a special occasion, or for that special someone, is one way of satisfying the social conscience when buying a gift with a purpose.

Alternative giving is fast becoming a popular way of acknowledging someone on a special occasion. The purchaser is presented with a variety of choices to make a donation to Cotlands in the recipient's name, rather than buying a physical item. Once the transaction is complete, the purchaser receives a receipt of the purchase while the recipient is sent an electronic certificate of acknowledgement for the gift.

Each gift in the Virtual Gift Shop has a description of how the money for this donation will be used. Purchasers are presented with the option of buying one or more of the same gift - all items available in the virtual gift shop are essentials for the services provided in Cotlands' health, education and psychosocial programmes nationally.

"It's been an absolute pleasure working with Talooma on this project - they have been hands-on from the initial technical planning phase, giving the guidance and advice necessary to ensure the launch on 1 December," says Julie Vivier, Sustainable Fund Development Manager of Cotlands. "We are very excited and wish to thank the team for their superb work and commitment to Cotlands."

Visit to start shopping. For further enquiries, e-mail: or contact (011) 683-7200.

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