custom solutions

Wordpress Plugins and Themes

A standard installation of Wordpress CMS provides limited functionality, fortunately the creators foresaw this problem and developed a rich plugin system that allows developers to build on the core functionality provided. This in turn led to a thriving community and marketplace for plugins.

Should your Wordpress website require custom functionality, we can provide an advisory service on which the existing plugins can be made use of. Talooma is also able to modify or even create custom plugins should the need arise. 

With much experience, we are also able to turn your custom website designs into a functional Wordpress theme, using valid HTML and CSS markup in the process. This will allow your website to match your corporate branding or desired look and feel, while remaining as compatible for browsers as possible.


Drupal Modules and Themes

Similar to Wordpress, Drupal allows developers to create modules in order to add functionality. There is also a huge open source movement around the development of these modules. We provide an advisory service that indicates which plugins to use, as well as a development service, should the need arise.

We at Talooma have the valuable knowledge and precious experience in turning your custom website designs into a fully functional Drupal theme.


JavaScript enhancements and AJAX

When you need to improve usability or want to make your site more interactive, JavaScript quickly becomes a valuable tool to help accomplish your goals. JavaScript is code that is automatically downloaded and executed by the client's browser. AJAX is the process of using JavaScript to respond to a user's action, retrieving and displaying results without reloading the whole page.

We provide an advisory and development service for these enhancements. This kind of development tends to be very site specific. Two frameworks we use regularly, are jQuery and MooTools. These frameworks provides logic to help animate elements, validate data entered and even query information from servers. 



The most flexible tool for combining audio, video and animation, is Flash. It also provides a unique platform that looks and functions in exactly the same way across different browsers and operating systems. Built into Flash is a powerful programming language called Action Script. The combination of the best tools in the industry and this programming language, allows for complete control over the user experience.

Flash can effectively be used to create entire websites, or simply to enhance otherwise static and lifeless pages. We provide development and advisory services regarding development of Flash elements and applications.