The Launch Of The New Urban Hip Hotels’ Website

Keeping up with Digital Trends

In every aspect of business, it is important to keep on top of all things digital. That’s why we, at Talooma, teamed up with the very hip and expanding Urban Hip Group, to optimise their website that would showcase Urban Hip Hotels as the business that they are.

Talooma have been working with the Urban Hip Group for over 5 years, continually developing a new and exciting online presence. The new website which showcases the newly developed areas of business: Hotels and Apartments and Hotels and Resorts, is all part of the exciting rebrand and expansion of the Urban Hip Group.

The new website,, allows visitors to explore South African cities and country based properties within their respective sub-sites. Talooma developed the new website in this sub-site structure, so that the resorts and apartments could be individually showcased, allowing each area of Urban Hip Groups’ business, to express their individualism and personality.

Talooma has incorporated a design that’s not only user-friendly, but also up to date with all of the updates that Google throws our way. Some of these include SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and overall site usability. All content is now localised and more relevant according to what the clientele is interested in. Urban Hip Groups’ new, structured website allows each respective sub-site and property to be more visually appealing through the use of larger imagery.

As part of the websites revamp, Talooma kept in mind the power of social media and with that, each sub-site allows Urban Hip Group to develop a stronger social media presence and have separate Facebook platforms for their different target markets. Previously, the website focused solely on Urban Hip Groups’ city-based business and leisure accommodation however as new Dullstroom properties were recently added to the Urban Hip umbrella, they called for an individual platform. For this reason, visitors can now socialise and engage with the Urban Hip Hotel brand on not only focussed sub-sites, but Facebook pages too.

Urban Hip Hotels Facebook Page

Urban Hip Hotels and Resorts Facebook Page (Dullstroom Resorts)

Urban Hip Hotels and Apartments Facebook Page (Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth Apartments)

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Urban Hip Group offers more than just apartment and resort accommodation around South Africa. The new website brings two worlds together and offers it to you on a silver platter. Whether you choose to be a part of the pulsation of the big city or prefer to grant yourself the serenity of the great escape, Urban Hip Group offer doors to these very different worlds.