life at talooma

Working flexi hours means that many of us start way before the earliest bird… We strive to catch things a lot bigger than just the worm.

Not a day goes by where our beloved coffee machine is not used to its max.  It has in fact become a part of our family. We at Talooma believe that it is criminal to start the day (and get through the day) without coffee. Tea is of course an option but not without much commentary from the religious coffee drinkers

What life is like in the classroom

The Talooma family is driven by tight deadlines and although we are made up of different departments, we work closely together sharing ideas and work with one another. Inbetween meetings, work and of course those all-important trips to the coffee machine, it has become ritual to throw balls from one side of the office to the other. It's not unlikely that someone will be sitting at their desk and suddenly have a ball thrown in their direction. This adventurous game of "who throws the hardest" has become an important part of brainstorming and perhaps some much needed down time every now and then.

The Rise of Talooma

2013 was the year we spread our wings to fly down to Cape Town, and opened our new branch. Even though our family is now somewhat segregated, the continuous flow of information and communication is still as strong as ever (with the help of Skype and the occasional trip between cities). With the welcoming of new team members, Talooma continues to strive to be at the forefront of digital marketing.

Friday Fun

On the last Friday of every month we dress up according to a theme.  These have become a very enjoyable part of our lives at Talooma. Some of our more recent Crazy Friday's have included Crazy Sock Friday, School Day Friday and the most recent being Super Hero Friday. It's a chance to laugh (even more than we already do) and enjoy the fun and crazy side that we all have.

Go shorty, it's your birthday…

Birthdays at Talooma are special. When a staff member has a birthday they MUST bring cake for the rest of the office. In return, they get the Friday closest to their birthday off. Sounds like a fair enough exchange!

In general life at Talooma consists of much hard work, dedication to clients, fun and lots of freshly brewed coffee and innovative ideas.