With the launch of talooma’s new website and company identity comes with it an exciting new client portal for our online marketing clients.

TOM as it is affectionately called will initially answer to 4 basic online marketing needs:

Two decades ago creating back links was vital to any SEO strategy. Over optimising your meta tags and stuffing an obsene amount of keywords into your content was the way to go. As Google's algorithms got smarter and internet became home to black hat SEO's, the difficulty in which our internet marketing strategies had  to be, became harder. Lazy SEO techniques fell away and SERP's became more relevant. After twenty years of algorithm changes, traditionial back linking has fallen away. When I say fallen away, I mean it is not worth the effort involved. "What!? So what now?" you may ask.

Talooma has been working very closely with Cotlands over the last 10 years. We are extremely proud to announce yet another revamping of their website. www.cotlands.co.za

Talooma has launched a successful addition to the Cotlands website. Talooma works with clients within various industries and enjoys the challenge of designing websites and tools that exceed the client's expectations, no matter the industry. Every client is equally important to us and we strive to ensure that each one is given the attention and care that they deserve.

Keeping up with Digital Trends

In every aspect of business, it is important to keep on top of all things digital. That’s why we, at Talooma, teamed up with the very hip and expanding Urban Hip Group, to optimise their website that would showcase Urban Hip Hotels as the business that they are.