The old way of doing SEO is over!

Two decades ago creating back links was vital to any SEO strategy. Over optimising your meta tags and stuffing an obsene amount of keywords into your content was the way to go. As Google's algorithms got smarter and internet became home to black hat SEO's, the difficulty in which our internet marketing strategies had  to be, became harder. Lazy SEO techniques fell away and SERP's became more relevant. After twenty years of algorithm changes, traditionial back linking has fallen away. When I say fallen away, I mean it is not worth the effort involved. "What!? So what now?" you may ask. I'm going to talk about social signalling and content marketing. I believe this is the best plan to go with when re-evaluating your SEO strategy

So what are social signals? Social signals are taken in the form of different metrics within a social media platform. To give an example, let's use Facebook. You decide to share your brand new blog post (I'll get to content marketing in a moment). Although the link itself has no value, Google can create a value from social signals. How many friends do you have? this is an indicator of your HumanRank, similar to a PageRank, except associated with your Facebook account. There is alot more to it, like how many of your friends share similar content and their HumanRank, but I won't get into that in this article. 

All of this cannot be achieved without fresh, unique and relevant content. This requires a solid content marketing strategy. The content you create depends on the type of website you are creating it for. Press releases, Blog Posts, News, just to name a few are some examples of the kind of content you should create. Make sure you optimise your content. Mention your keywords at least once within any piece of content you create and link back to your website no more than 3 times. It's important for your optimisation techniques to seem natural. Add social sharing to all of your content.

In conclusion your goal should be to get people to spread your content without being pushed. This means your content needs to be engaging and interesting with easy access to social sharing.

Written by Rod Ritter