analytics makes sense of your web traffic

Why do I need analytics?

Having analytics on your web site allows you to see in real terms how well your website is actually working for you. Is it giving you a real return on investment?

Using analytics tracking programs such as Google's Analytics gives you the ability to track and report on the important metrics for your specific site.

This means that you are able to see :

  • which pages are working for you and which are working against you?

  • which pages are getting the most traffic?

  • what is the traffic on those pages doing?

  • how long is the visitor spending on a specific page?

  • and so much more...

How does analytics work?

Analytics programs such as Google Analytics works by having a short snippet of code such as this

which is dropped into the footer of your website. This snippet of code then allows you to see all the relevant metrics about your website. The analytics then drops a cookie onto your visitors machine. It is this cookie that allows the analytics program to identify each individual user and then track where they come into your site as well as what their movements are while they are there.

Talooma's analytics offering

Talooma offers analytics consulting as a stand alone offering or as part of a greater solution. 

In other words, if you are unsure whether you are currently in need of search engine optimisation and would like to understand the current performance of your website, Talooma can install the analytics tracking code to your site if it is not there. If there is already an analytics tracking code installed then we will interpret the results for you and consult on the way forward to improve the performance of your site.

When analytics is used as part of a greater solution, we use the analytics results to inform the rest of the online marketing decisions for your site.