Talooma’s consulting services takes a look at your current online marketing. Through our custom developed methodologies and tools we are able to show you where your current efforts are giving you the best and worst return. We are then able to offer you a tailor made solution which will make your online strengths better and transform your weaknesses into strengths.

We offer a comprehensive solution

Our strategies are not only developed for services which we as a Digital Marketing Agency are able to provide, but include all the interventions that your marketing may need.

Our consulting service takes a holistic view of your online marketing objectives and the methods that you are currently putting in place to achieve these objectives. Through analysis (either interviews or data collection, etc.) we then analyse each piece of information and provide feedback.

The real benefit of having an external professional organisation consulting to you on your online marketing is that the views are entirely objective as there is no history or bonded emotion.

All of Talooma's consulting services provide you with a stand alone document which we can implement for you. Should you wish to remain with a current online marketing company, then we are happy to just consult and allow your preferred supplier to implement.

Talooma also offers implementation consulting which covers how well the strategies are being implemented. The final stage of consulting then covers the analysis of how well an online marketing strategy was implemented and can be used to kick off further marketing campaigns.

Talooma is not specific to any one industry and is able to research and consult to a wide variety of industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Travel and tourism
  • IT industry
  • Hospitality
  • Construction

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