email marketing

Email Marketing is another powerful tool used by Talooma for direct and online marketing. It is used to promote brand awareness and spread relative information to the required target market. This specific tool and product has been developed and branded as Engage.

Engage is an effective bulk email software solution which allows one to manage and track your email marketing strategy.  As part of your entire on-line branding, Talooma can assist you in creating an effective email campaign with specific goals in mind. An added benefit to clients provides a report on the mailer once it has been sent off. These reports can be broken down into a list of un-subscribes,  a list of email addresses that opened the mailer and a list of email addresses of who clicked on any of the links in the mailer and what the link was.

Engage has an advanced database management system. This system of contact lists allows for various information to be captured. In terms of adding entire lists of email addresses, this is done by importing spreadsheets which have been saved as text .csv files.

As part of the Talooma service offering, there are two packages that are available with regards to the Engage product:

Talooma Managed Product

This allows Talooma to manage and control your account for you. It involves both creating contact lists as well as maintaining them. We will also design and build the mailers for the client. We then send test mailers to the client to sign off before sending the mailers out to the relevant contact lists. Once the mailer has been sent out, we then also report on it.

Self Managed Product

This service allows Talooma to configure an account for each client according to their specific requirements. Clients will be given their own login username and password to log into the system. They will be able to manage their own contact lists as well as email campaigns. We do provide one-on-one training for clients in which we demonstrate how to use the system.

Clients are then able to send out mailers on a monthly basis and as often as needed, according to the monthly units for sending purchased.

Newsletters can contain anything from articles to resources and valuable advice and information. They can also be set up to link to on-line invitations and RSVP forms.

Email marketing is advantageous over traditional forms of advertising as it is direct and can be personalized. You are also able to reach people who opted into the service (targeted) and can be tracked with regards to click through ratio and return on investment.

Other advantages include this being a cost effective distribution method as well as paperless and thus environmentally friendly.

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