mobile web design

With over 3.6 million South Africans using their cell phones as a means to connect to the online world, it is important to supply access to this rapidly growing market. Talooma can help your company achieve this by creating interactive and professional mobile websites that compliment your existing online presence.

Don’t miss out

One out of every four South African users makes use of their cell phone to access the internet. If your site is not accessible to these users you are missing out on potential sales and leads. Mobile internet will overtake traditional desktop internet in the near future. It is inevitable that the mobile web will be bigger than desktop web in the upcoming few years. Will you and your company be ready for this?

Professionalism by adhering to web standards

Talooma has the experience in mobile web design and more-than-qualified staff to create a unique mobile front for your business. We have a team of meticulous and creative designers and developers that will create professional mobile website that conforms to the latest W3C standards in mobile web design, ensuring absolute professionalism.

Cross-platform compatibility

Due to the many different mobile platforms available in the market today, your mobile website needs to function equally on each of these platforms. This can be a tedious and relentless task. Due to our experience in the industry, we are able to easily achieve this and have incorporated these skills as part of our standard mobile web design practice.

Seamless connection to your original website

We have the ability to automatically redirect mobile web users to your mobile website from your standard website by use of scripts that we have developed in-house. These scripts seamlessly and automatically point the users to the correct version of your webpage without any interference or thought required.

For more information on how we can help you increase your online reach with mobile web design, contact us on 011 807 6149 or click here for a quote.