online marketing strategy

To start marketing to a target market without a strategy in place is marketing suicide as you are moving into unchartered waters and very shortly you could be throwing all of your money into a sinking ship. Talooma's view of online marketing strategy is simply that you have to have one.

Our three areas of focus around Online Marketing are:

Then there are the strategies which we really get passionate about. These are the strategies which begin to tie in different communication mediums and time lines and have proven to work really hard for our clients. They are the strategies where there is synergy between offline and online. The mechanisms we put into place are not all push; but utilise pull mechanics as well enticing people to spread the word of your campaign virally which doubles the exposure.

When writing an online strategy we tie in many of the other services which Talooma offers so that we are able to not only just write and consult on a strategy, but then physically implement the marketing strategy as well.

Working with clients

We believe in working very closely with the clients marketing departments as it is this synergy between the two that will ultimately ensure that the campaigns and strategies are a success. We engage our clients frequently with face to face meetings, document collaboration as well as Skype calls and chats where we can to make sure that we are all on the same page and delivering results that are all working towards the same goal.