pay per click marketing (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is one of the fastest growing and high yield sectors of online marketing strategies. It is generally used to add extra visibility for your products and services in the search engine results pages. The beauty of the Pay Per Click (PPC) model is that you are not tied in to paying a cost for each time your ads are shown, but rather the more favourable approach of each click.

There many types of PPC advertising, but there are three which have become the most popular due to their high penetration into the market as well as the high yield of clicks. 

Google PPC Marketing


  • Displayed on Google search engine results page and Google partner page (YouTube, Gmail, Google maps, etc.)
  • Can be displayed as text, images, video or flashGoogle AdWords
  • Use Google AdWords to increase brand awareness and drive visitors to specific pages


Facebook PPC Marketing


  • Targets users demographically

  • Greater control over who sees your ads

    Facebook Ads

  • Ads link to your website directly


LinkedIn ads


  • Ads work similarly to Facebook

  • Demographic options

  • Target is very responsive

    LinkedIn Ads

  • Focused on the “professional” market