Talooma offers online market research to current and prospective clients who need to know what competition they might possibly be facing in the online market.

Talooma's research division finds answers to questions like :

  1. Is there a gap within a certain sector?
  2. Who are the competitors in this online market?
  3. Are the customers online?
  4. What is the customers buying behaviour?

These questions and more on the outcomes of Talooma's conducted online research.

Talooma strives to ensure that when you place your marketing budgets online, that you are assured of getting the biggest bang for you buck. To get even more return for your research spend, tie your research together with Talooma's strategy service which will ensure that you have the best online marketing plan to attack your specific online market.


Talooma can also assist you in conducting internal research; such as polling your staff for specific sets of information that you need to require with regards to their interactions with customers. Even further than that we can conduct the research to fit in line with their wants and needs for your company intranet and web site.

Proprietary methodologies.

Talooma's research follows a strict set of research methodologies which have themselves been researched to ensure that we are always able to provide you with the most accurate research results.

Talooma's research mixes quantitative and qualitative research where possible to ensure that we report back on both hard facts as well as community perception. It is very important to ensure that you are viewing both sides of the coin (or so to speak) when doing research and analysing research as looking at either view on its own will skew your findings.

Research Report.

Talooma compiles and packages the research report into easy to read hard and soft copy versions so that you can spread the research around your business and share the knowledge with those who definitely need to know it.