social media

does your brand have a voice?

It's a world on its own and if you are not found, chances are you will be left behind…

Why do I need a social media manager?

Social media has evolved into an empire and as it continues to dominate the web, businesses are finding themselves being sucked into the mayhem. However the truth is social media is an extremely important aspect of any online marketing plan. But, without a solid strategy in place, you will simply become "just another brand" trying to keep its head above the typhooning social media waves.

Our social media focus

Although Talooma specialises in all social media platforms, we focus on the 3 most beneficial:

Creating and building a presence and network within these platforms is important in order to increase and strengthen an online presence.

The social media forces

Talooma's dedicated social media team, work closely with all clients in order to fully grasp the message behind their branding. This ensures that the brand resonates throughout campaigns as well as day to day interactions.


Our social media packages have been structured specifically to provide the maximum benefit for each budget. Through daily strategic posts, relevant conversation, the use of images as well as planned campaigns, we ensure that our clients' brands not only have a voice but become thought leaders within their industry.

Clients have the option of one, two, three or four social platforms to choose from. Regardless of which package is taken, Talooma will ensure that the strategy is rolled out effectively over both the website as well as social media. This ensures that the campaign gets maximum reach.

For more information on social media optimisation packages, please contact us directly.