our story

Talooma is essentially a full service digital marketing agency. With a proud 11 year track record, we have developed a large history of success. This spans a range of offerings from website design and web development; through to search engine optimisation and online marketing strategy. In the context of the digital world, we have tenure and heritage. This has come with a history of partnerships, service delivery and a team of highly talented, diverse and passionate individuals.

The logic for change

JD Consulting was ‘coming of age’ in a sense and needed to position itself in line with future strategic intent. We also needed a brand that fully reflects the standard of professionalism and gravitas that we have as an organization. JD needed to portray this whilst retaining our approachability, passion and down to earth nature as a team.



JD Consulting seeked to traverse the SME sector and ‘play in the league’ of  service provider and solutions partner to leading blue chip clientele – locally, regionally and ultimately internationally. It is a grounded and realistic strategy, with growth being managed appropriately and with a focus on delivery at all times.

In keeping with brand evolution and reputation, building trends and principles; JD seeked to develop a position in the market that captures its success to date. We are positioned appropriately to embrace business strategy both externally to market and internally in terms of talent acquisition, retention and development.

Where we are going

The birthing of Talooma signals our intent. It is a naming variant developed from the Swahili expression for professionalism. It symbolizes the strong component of our brand and business DNA, as well as our African origins. This is achieved through the compelling, modern and international expression of our roots. Talooma is also regarded as a ‘blue sky’ into which we can inject further meaning and capture the story of our future journey over time.



The brand’s new look and feel is an infusion of vibrancy, dynamism and innovation. Our team captures our energy and effectively stands out against our international peer group. The colors are warm and engaging and the typographical treatment highlights our informal style and approachability while suggesting infinite possibilities in an ever evolving digital industry.

Our business focus shifts slightly in emphasis to a broader solutions approach. While doing this we maintain the pillars of our offering and business model to date. Our brand rejuvenation also signals a strong intent internally. It further highlights our strength as a team and the balance of our unique blend of people, performance, innovation and partnerships in our quest for delivering online solutions in the future.