talooma website hosting

Talooma provides its clients with website hosting on servers located in Johannesburg on MTN Business’s Gallo Manor backbone. With our backup system running backups on a daily basis and storing 3-4 weeks worth of data, clients can rest assured that their websites are in safe hands. Talooma keeps backups of sites with up to fours weeks backdated data.

Our servers host a number of websites but we also offer dedicated server hosting where required. With our server being directly linked to MTN Business’s 1000 mb uplink backbone, there is a high speed, dedicated connection to the internet.

Talooma ensures that our website hosting uses hardware and software that keeps up with current hosting standards. This includes adding additional servers to our network if and when they are required.

Our clients' websites very rarely experience downtime. We maintain and certify that the server and all websites are up and running 99.9% of the time. Our technical support operates from 08:00 to 17:00 weekdays and Fire retardants, 24 hour security and fingerprint access control protect the servers at their location.

Detailed bandwidth usage reports are available along with Awstats usage monitoring. Google Analytics provides detailed analysis when website marketing is required for clients.