TOM – talooma Online Marketing Innovative Client Portal

With the launch of talooma’s new website and company identity comes with it an exciting new client portal for our online marketing clients.

TOM as it is affectionately called will initially answer to 4 basic online marketing needs:

Talooma Rank Checker

The Talooma Rank Checker allows us to track the history of where a clients specific keywords are ranking within the search engine results pages. An excellent advantage of this is that we (Talooma) can map the work which has been carried out on the account to the progress the keywords are making. From a client point of view they can monitor how well and where their site is ranking.


Talooma Enquiry Control

The Talooma Enquiry Control system serves as a backup for all the enquiries that are sent through your website. This means that from a single location you can track how many enquiries you have received at any given period. The enquiry control system also segments the enquiries per form on your site as well as by day and month.


Talooma Copy Centre

The Talooma Copy Centre maps the logical flow of the copy creation process for your website. What this means is that at any given moment a client can log in and suggest topics for which they feel they need content and then track the progress of that content as it is being written.


Talooma Scatalyst

This system works on precisely the same basis as the talooma copy centre but it is specifically tailored for social media, as Scatalyst is short for Social Catalyst. Clients can log in and request specific mentions to be made within their social media campaign which is managed and controlled by the Talooma online marketing team.


These are just the first four windows of opportunity that have been opened by TOM. There will be many more developments in the near future which again, will give clients a deeper insight into the performance of their online marketing.